UCantLose Ltd - [UPDATE] £6,885.35 Profit Thanks To These Sound Betting Principles

[UPDATE] £6,885.35 Profit Thanks To These Sound Betting Principles

DATE POSTED: 14/04/2016

[UPDATE] £6,885.35 Profit Thanks To These Sound Betting Principles


I would like to take a few minutes this evening to clear up something regarding the post I sent on Monday.

传奇sfA few people have been asking why Agora are asking for payment details if the 30 day risk free trial is a genuine offer.

传奇sfWell, please allow me to clarify.

If you pay using a credit card or debit card it will cost you £495 per year and this amount will be taken immediately. If you then decide within 30 days that the service is not to your liking you can contact Agora for a full refund.


If you pay using a Direct Debit agreement it will cost you £100 less - just £395 per year传奇sf - and no funds will leave you account for 30 days. This gives you a full month to decide if the service is right for you or not. If you decide it's not you can then simply contact Agora and cancel before a single penny leaves your account. You can also cancel the Direct Debit directly with your bank to be doubly sure you will not be charged.

Just don't be too hasty with your cancellation. This is a very good service and you should definitely give it a thorough test before deciding whether or not to continue.

So. There you go. I hope that has made things a bit clearer.

The Direct Debit option really is a no brainer. £100 cheaper and no funds taken for 30 days. What's not to love about that?! :)


Peter Jenkins
UCantLose Ltd

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